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Everything related to your studies or work in one handy app

Avans One is the official Avans app for students, teachers and employees. For iOS and Android.

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The app where everything comes together: Avans One

With the Avans One app you have the information related to your studies or work together and cleverly integrated.

One complete agenda

Your class schedule, tests, deadlines and Outlook-appointments in a combined agenda.

Up to date

Know what's going on at any moment: your next lesson or meeting, an upcoming deadline or a new action.

Your progress

Know exactly where you stand in your study phase with extensive results and progress.

Immediately informed

Receive new results, notifications and other messages directly in the app.

One complete agenda

Your class schedule, tests, deadlines and Outlook appointments in a combined agenda.

You have all of your appointments together in the app. You no longer have to view your class schedule, test schedule, deadlines and Outlook-appointments in separate systems. For online lessons or appointments you can immediately click through to Teams. You can also easily schedule an appointment yourself from within the app. This will then be sent directly to your Outlook-calendar.

Up to date

Know what's going on at any time: your next class, an upcoming deadline or new action.

On the Today screen of the app you can instantly see what your next lesson is and if you have new actions or messages. You can also read the latest news from Punt. You can customize the look of your Today screen. You can always see your next lesson or other appointments, and you can switch your tasks, assignments and news on or off.


Developed together with students, teachers and employees

You are a part of creating Avans One. During development, students, teachers and employees were constantly involved for retrieving requirements from the user.

We love to hear new ideas or feedback on how we can improve the Avans One app. Things that need fixing or that spark joy.

If you would like to help us create a better app, join our testpanel by sending an email to avansone@avans.nl.

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Your progress

Know exactly where you stand in your study phase with extensive results and progress.

You can see how you are doing for each phase of your study. You'll not only see your latest results, but also how many ECTS you have obtained in total and what your average grade is. View all the details for each result and see how you did compared to your fellow students. Also you can easily view and manage your testregistration and find important updates regarding your internship and graduation application from AvansConnect.

Immediately informed

Receive new results, notifications and other messages directly in the app.

With the Avans One app you decide if you like to receive a push notification for a new result. And if you want to see your result directly. You also see notifications for Brightspace announcements and assignements, class schedules, deadlines and tests.

Download the app NOW

The app is available for students, teachers and employees. On iOS or Android.


Frequently Asked Questions.

I am having problems logging in and I've used the Avans One app before. What can I do?

1. Check whether you have updated your phone to the latest software version. Unfortunately, Avans One no longer supports iPhone 6/ iOS12.

2. Check whether you have downloaded the latest version of Avans One.

3. Delete Avans One and download the app again. Your data will not be lost.

4.Logging in using particular browsers, such as Mi, causes problems. Try using a different browser, such as Chrome.

5. Are you having problems logging in via Microsoft using Single Sign On*? Then contact Service Desk.
*Single Sign On means that you have access to your company account with 1x login.

6. If you cannot log in despite these steps, please contact avansone@avans.nl and we will do our best to help you.

I am using the Avans One app for the first time and I have problems logging in. What can I do?

You can only log in to Avans One with your Avans account. Didn't receive an Avans account? Then take the following steps:

1. Check whether you have authorized the payment of your tuition fees.

2. Check whether the login details have arrived in your SPAM box.

3. When you have checked all of the above and still not received any account details: Send a WhatsApp message to 088 - 525 75 50 or send an email to studentsupport@avans.nl

Can I add appointments to my agenda myself?

Yes, it is also possible to schedule appointments in your Outlook calendar via the app (or desktop version) with, for example, your project group.

Is it possible to search the class schedule for a particular course?

No, you cannot search for a specific course, but you can add the group code of a group that takes that course during that period to your agenda.

Are my settings only stored on the device?

Your settings are linked to your account (and not stored locally on your phone) and so your settings are always saved. The transition to a new phone is seamless.

Can you load another calendar, e.g. Gmail, into the app?

For the time being, you cannot load an external calendar (e.g. Google calendar) into the app. Also the other way around, you cannot yet load your Avans agenda into an external system. We may develop this in the future. You can however link your Outlook calendar from Avans to the app.

Are notifications also sent when classrooms have changed and/or teachers cannot be present?

That is not possible at the moment.

Can you also reserve rooms and add this to the agenda?

No, that is not yet possible and will not be possible for students for a large number of rooms. For the rooms that students can reserve, we will investigate whether we can add this to the app in the future.